Best Composite Wood Shutters

The Best Composite Wood Shutters combine great style with the strength and stability of advanced modern day materials.

More economical than Wood Shutters, Composite Wood Shutters will work well with your family’s active lifestyle as they are scratch resistant, humidity resistant and washable. Working with your Eddie Z’s Decorator you will be able to choose the perfect shutter for your home. Choose from the many paint finishes in a Plantation or Traditional styles offered in a variety of louver sizes, operating systems and panel configurations.

Composite wooden shutter
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woodcore composite shutters.
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These composite wood shutters are easy to install and amongst our best selling affordable shutter. They can be installed in less than 40 minutes.

Theses shutters are made from composite wood sourced sustainably and are available in a wide variety of white color tones.

Protected with UPV they will last longer and insulate your home better.

These more traditional shutters have an elegant louvers style. Built to last these bad boys will not warp, fade or crack.

They are water and humidity resistant and provide an elegant timeless look to any home. They can be fitted in less than 50 minutes. 

The traditional shutters are available in a range of neutral colours and have six different frame styles

For a durable but classical look these Woodcore shutter have as the name might suggest a wooden core which is then covered with a low methane polymer come in wide panels of up to 36 inches.

Taking less than 45 minutes to install these highly affordable alternative to solid wood shutters will soon have your home cosy, warm and looking stunning