Best Cat-Proof Blinds, Shades & Window Treatments

We all know many cats love to sit on the window ledge and look out of the window. If you use curtains, shades or window blinds, it is no wonder your feline friend gets a little frustrated and vents his or her spleen on your window covering.

We have seen many blinds ruined by the much-beloved house cat. If you have a cat and are looking to protect, you blind from the damage your cat might cause you to consider purchasing a set of cat proof blinds?

What are Cat Proof Blinds?

It is a commonly held myth that you can purchase guaranteed cat proof blinds or cat proof window treatments. The best you can do is buy sturdy blinds that offer as little temptation to your cat as is humanly possible. The starting point might be to consider cat-proof shutters.

External shutters are entirely cat-proof as they mount on the exterior of your windows. Thus your cat cannot physically get to them.

The next best choice might be to go for something like internal cat proof shutters.  These mount on the inside of your window frame and are shutters, so there are no cords for your cat to play with, no roller blind material for your feline friend to scratch. Cat proof shutters are the most sturdy option and come in a range of styles and colors.  You may like to consider going for the type that allows half the shutter to open this way your cat can sit still on the window sill and admire his or her domain.

Cat Proof Internal Shutter
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Cat-Friendly Roman shade

Roman shades might be worth considering as they fit at both the top and bottom of the window frame. This type of fitting means there is little if any dangling temptations for the cat in your life. This type of fitting makes it more difficult for your cat to climb up the window shade.

When choosing the best cat-proof roman shades,  the two most important things to consider are;

  1. The robustness of the fabric of the blind
  2. The construction of the blinds opening and closing mechanism

Although a cord with an ornate dangling fob or toggle might look very attractive,  in your cats eyes it is an invitation to come and play, Cat – “Me mummy I was only playing with the mouse on the crod and the whole window thingy just jumped off the wall honest”.

Are Panel Blinds Cat-Proof?

Panel blinds are moderately cat-proof as they again are secured at the top and the bottom by tracks into which the blinds fit. The blinds are opened and closed by moving the blinds along the track. Some panel blinds still have a pulling handle or cord so be careful when selecting the type of panel blind.

Cat-proof Vertical Blinds

If your preference is vertical blinds and you have a cat you should go for a sturdy designed blind. Your cat will still be drawn to the light and want to get to the window. Wood, Faux Wood or a sturdy UPV are the best options, fabrics of any kind are a no-no. Bamboo blinds, texture fabrics and any form of padding should be avoided at all times.

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Cat-proof Venetian Blinds

Some of the worst accidents we have seen with cats getting stuck in blinds are with flimsy venetian blinds. Just Google videos for Cat stuck in blinds. Some are truly hilarious. In reality may have caused serious injuries to beloved cats, in some cases these accidents with venetian blinds have been fatal for the cats concerned,

On a more serious note, many cats have been injured, and some died by getting caught in Venetian blinds or hanging themselves with the blind cord. If you are going to try and find a cat-proof Venetian blind make sure you go for a sturdy louvre type of blind with no hanging cords.

Motorized Cat-Proof Blinds

Motorized blinds are usually an excellent choice for cat and dog owners.

There are no cords to dangle and tempt your pet to play; instead, you control via remote control or your smartphone. These can be integrated into many smart home systems allowing you to automatically open them and shut them at various times of the day, for example, you might want to ensure during the heat of the day your pet has some shady space in the home to take the ever essential cat nap.

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