Commercial and Industrial Strip Curtains

Heavy Weight UPV Commercial Strip Curtains For Warehouses, Factories, Farms and Light Commercial

Industrial Strip Curtains have been successfully used for many years to divide industrial units and warehouses.  They are usually made from very heavy-duty UPVC and provide an excellent method of segregating different areas of factory or commercial units.

The curtaining is sturdy and can help keep heat in the unit you want to be warm or keep refrigerated areas cool.   Refrigeration or warmth is often an issue as many loading bays are either permanently open to the elements or have doors that are regularly opened and shut to let delivers in and dispatches out.

These specialist industrial curtains are used widely by many different industry sectors, including Manufacturing FMCG, Military Installations Warehouses, Pharmaceutical Plants, Nuclear installations, Farms and Small Industrial or Commercial Units.

Commercial Strip curtains also can provide an effective hygiene control barrier in food manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Protecting doorways is not the only use for this type of curtaining. They can form enclosures by using a suspended rail system, thus allowing you to create an industrial stripped curtain room segregated from a large space in your factory or warehouse.

Due to the nature of this type of industrial blind it is easy for people and elements of plant, such as, forklift trucks to move quickly through the curtain without the need for the curtaining to be fully opened each time a vehicle or person needs to pass through.

Motorized Industrial Strip curtains can also be specified for areas that require very frequent access. Forms of motorized industrial curtains can be specified with motion sensing. When a vehicle like a forklift truck approaches, the blinds can automatically be opened without the need for forklift operator leaving the forklift truck.

How Much Do Industrial Strip Blinds Cost?

The cost of industrial strip blinds can be as little as $100.  The main defining factor in the strip curtains' total cost is the size of the required curtain, the level over-lap between the strips, (usually 66% or 100%), and the level of automation you might need.

For example, a 12 feet wide door opening that is 7 feet high could be curtained using a 12inch wide strip curtain at 100% overlap for around $550.

The above example pricing was based on using a smooth, clear heavy-duty UPVC strip

Custome size builder for upvc strip curtains
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What other Colors and Finishes of Industrial Strip Curtains Are Available?

Alternative colors are available although they are harder to find, clear, opaque and black are the most common colors used, but you can also have finishes like ribbed. By specifying Ribbed Industrial Strip curtain, you end up with a much stronger more sturdy industrial curtaining solution.

Antistatic Industrial Strip Curtains are often ordered when electronic components are stored or assembled.

Welding industrial strip curtains are also available in Welding Amber to protect surrounding employees from the arc lights used in welding

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How Do Commercial Strip Curtains Arrive?

Strip Curtain Door Kits come with pre-punched ready to hang strong PVC strips. They come with universal Wall mounts or Jamb Hangers and easy install mounting screws.

A wide variety of industry-specific kits are available including

strip curtain for cows, pigs, sheep and other livestock
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The livestock strip curtain is ideal in any barnyard, farm or ranch setting. It allows your livestock to come and go between their shelter area and grazing area whilst providing a degree of shelter from extreme weather conditions.

Made of PVC material which is eco-friendly, anti-scratch, waterproof, crystal clear, and long-lasting; Withstands temperatures -15 degrees F to 122 degrees F. Widely used everywhere, from small interior pedestrian doorways to large exterior warehouse doors

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Computer room. server room,,  data room, or electronic component assembly areas need to be as antistatic as possible. Our PVC anti static strip curtain is designed to ensure that hot and cold air are separated. This allows the hot air to be directed towards the cooling system before recycled into the antistatic room.  This helps reduce static and can reduce heating and cooling cost by around 25%.

Our antistatic strip curtains are eco-friendly, they are anti-scratch and withstand temperatures from -15 F to +122 F.

They can be specified in widths from as little as three feet right up to 15 feet and from a height of six feet to fifteen feet.

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Whatever your need, we can design a manual or automated strip curtain solution to meet that need. We have worked in all environments from the farmyard to NASA.

We have provided solutions everywhere in the world from the Arctic to the Desert deserts of Africa.

No need is too small, and no project is too big.

We also have a wide range of replacement strip curtain panels available in 6inch, 8inch  and 12-inch panels and lengths from 84inch to 144 inches.




Replacement Panels For PVC Strip Curtains.

replacement panels fro strip curtains
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