Day and Night Blinds

What are day and Night Blinds or Shades?

Day and night blinds or shades are blinds or shades that allow you to control the amount of light that gets into your room at any time of the day or night.

The other name frequently used for this type of window treatment is combination blinds, vision blinds, or sun-up sun-down blinds or shades.

Night and day blinds are relatively new to the market. They can allow you to control the amount of light coming into the room whilst still protecting your privacy from prying eyes from outside of your home or office.


How Do Day and Night Blinds Work?

Your privacy is protected by the unique two-layer system deployed in most day and night blinds. This privacy level is achieved by having a transparent layer of material and a colored layer of fabric. The two layers allow you to complete control of both the transparency and the amount of light that gets into the room, allowing a variation from complete blackout to full sunlight. Due to the innovative construction of this type of blind all of the workings of the blind or shade are concealed in the top of the blind so they are very pleasing to look at.


What Styles Of Day and Night Blind Are Available?

All day and night blinds are a combination of a Venetian blind and a roller blind. The roller blind portion is providing the level of opacity and the veneration blind element providing the look and style of a Venetian blind. The two in one style allows for white or pale fabrics to be used for the roller portion and any color you may like to choose for the Venetian portion. Additionally, you could choose a matching or contrasting color from the blind or shades pelmet.

We believe these stylish blinds and shades are ideal if you are looking for a slick designer appearance for your home or office.

Available in nearly any width fitting they can be made to fit any window or door. A modern and stylish contemporary look can be achieved with a range of colours from pale whites, through greys, to vibrant red and blue, you could also go for the more tradition wood or faux wood look.


One of the other advantages of day and night blinds is that they are usually much cheaper than more traditional curtains or drapes. If you are like us and hate net curtains, these night and day blinds are a real alternative to Net curtain and curtains.

Available as made to measure day and night shades or you can buy the nearest size to your window and then quickly cut them to size.



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